Ticket Purchasing – EZHUB

Mobile Ticket Option for San Joaquin County

You can purchase your transit pass directly from the Vamos app, or you can purchase a ticket while planning your trip.

Direct Purchase

Step 1: Access EZHub

Tap the EZHub button on the home screen.


Step 2: Tap the “Buy New”

Choose the transit agency option you plan to ride.


Purchase While Planning Your Trip

Step 1: Choose Route

After inputting your start location and destination, select “Search” and choose a route.

Plan Purchase

Step 2: Complete Ticket Order

Your suggested transit pass will be displayed in the route plan. Scroll down to add your payment method and swipe to complete your ticket order.

View Order

Step 3: Activate Ticket

Once your ticket order is processed and confirmed, you can access your ticket by clicking on the EZHub button and viewing “Active.” Click “Activate Ticket” when you are ready to use it for your ride.

Confirm Order